Second degree black belt, police wife, college professor, entrepreneur, podcast host, life coach and police officer.


Second Degree Black Belt
Police Wife
College Professor
Podcast Host
Life Coach
Police Officer


Autumn is a second degree black belt, police wife, college professor, entrepreneur, podcast host, life coach and police officer. With only 6 years on the road, Autumn was injured on duty and unable to work patrol anymore. Autumn persevered to become a speaker and a life coach catering to first responder’s emotional well-being focused on preventing officer burnout. She is a dynamic speaker who relates easily to her audience. She has spoken to audiences at colleges, the military and first responders (and their spouses) all across the world on culture change, mindset tactics and stress reduction.

  • Changing the culture from a toxic and stressful environment to one where all members thrive.
  • Creating resilient relationships (For first responders and military) – Learn how to be someone who helps build your partner up. Many people are simply “in” relationships but do not understand how to be proactive to make their spouses and themselves better.
  • Emotional Survival on the Job – Burn out is real and there is a lot that goes along with stress reduction, wellness and mindset that many people do not talk about; especially in the workplace. Focusing on emotional survival will create a healthy work environment for all employees, happier employees and a more fulfilled life. 
  • Thriving as a Woman in a Male Dominated Workforce – Being a female officer has been tough and there are many lessons I wish someone would have told me so I didn’t have to learn them myself. This talk is designed for female first responders and military members who need to prepare for this kind of job. This talk will not only prepare them but give them tools they will need to thrive.

“Autumn is what I needed after these last 2 weeks of me wanting to throw my badge and gun and just walk away.”
— Police Officer

“Autumn is a HUGE wealth of knowledge, she had went through what I believe is the hardest thing that you can tell a cop… that you can’t be one anymore. She is super genuine (I’ve met her in person) and she is caring and wants to help officers achieve the most they can. I’m a 12+ yr LE veteran and she already helped me make a positive tern and outlook after being shit on for years.”
— Jon, Police Officer

“If I hadn’t found Autumn when I did I don’t know where I would be in my career or life right now. I’ve taken some serious steps in the right direction to get myself where I want to be, finally!”
— Tess, Police Officer

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