FBI trained Hostage Negotiator, Life & Relationship Coach, Faith-based Healing Expert


FBI Trained Hostage Negotiator
Former Certified Peace Officer-Alabama
B.S. Political Science, Criminal Justice, Leadership Development-Troy University
Statement Analysis Expert


Adam is an unrelenting force of inspiration. He believes we all have a unique purpose and we must be good stewards of the time we are given in this life. Described as “a dynamic and powerful writer and speaker,” Adam has devoted his life to inspire others to take positive action in their professional and personal lives.

His writing and speaking are not only inspirational, but thought-provoking and challenging. He inspires, challenges, and motivates others through his books. Most popular books by Adam include: Behind the Badge: 365 Daily Devotions for Law Enforcement (recommended and read by law enforcement leaders nationally, and a perennial bestseller) Bulletproof Marriage: a 90-Day Devotional (2020 Christian Book Awards Finalist, and a perennial bestseller with Lt. Col. Dave Grossman) On Spiritual Combat: 30 Missions for Victorious Warfare (with Lt. Col. Dave Grossman) A former law enforcement officer and FBI trained hostage negotiator, Adam knows the challenges faced by law enforcement officers and their relationships.

Since leaving his career in law enforcement in 2015, he has devoted his time to delivering proven tools and resources for the mind and soul. He has devoted his life to serving others and sharing his words, in writing and speaking, to inspire others to make positive changes in their lives.

Adam has an uncanny ability to speak “grunt” and to the heart of warriors. His raw, unfiltered story of overcoming the trauma of childhood sexual abuse, experiences from law enforcement, and battle with suicidal thoughts and substance abuse position him as a powerful force of hope for millions of people today. His work has attracted the attention of many influencers and he is best known for his work to deliver faith, hope, and love to those who serve.

From major universities to government entities, Adam has presented his story of conquering some of life’s most smothering battles and how these principles can be applied in every life to achieve optimal performance and fulfillment. Adam’s work has been featured on Entrepreneur Magazine, Fox News, The Huffington Post,, and Law Enforcement Today. As a speaker, he has presented for the University of Alabama, Auburn University Department of Economic Development, TEDx Troy University, law enforcement agencies, military bases, and many seminars with Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, Taya Kyle, and other American patriots. His media appearances have included The Rick & Bubba Show, The Blaze Radio Network, Family Life Today, The 700 Club, The Glenn Beck Program, Team Never Quit Podcast with Marcus Luttrell, and many others.

Adam is the spokesperson for REBOOT Recovery First Responders, a non-profit organization which focuses on providing faith-based trauma healing for first responders and service members. He is supported by his wife, Amber, of 20 years, and three children.

Mental Illness and Law Enforcement

The need for addressing mental illness from the perspective of law enforcement officers is one of the hottest topics of our time, but what are we doing to combat the suppressed issues our officers deal with as a result of cumulative trauma? There were more than 200 suicides in law enforcement during 2019, and it’s high time we have a conversation about these issues. Adam shares the physical responses he had during times when suicide seemed to be his only way out, and how he overcame it, right in a patrol car while on duty. Faith, perseverance, purpose, and healing come from his story. His powerful peer-to-peer conversational style has impacted many lives of our law enforcement officers in the past several years.

Readiness for Duty

Preparation for duty requires more than cleaning cars, boots, uniforms, or weapons; it involves significant mental, physical, and spiritual preparation too. It means spending time firing rounds down range on a regular basis and having a plan for your family if things go bad. This type of mind-set and devotion requires sacrifice and commitment, but at the end of the day, you’ll be mentally sharper and physically more prepared. Preparation and training are the cure for the onset of complacency, which is the one thing that can take you out faster than anything on the streets.

Random inspections of uniforms, vehicles, or weapons are part of many department policies. Having your gear “squared away” means you are prepared at any time for these inspections. Thankfully, our righteousness is not found in our own lives or in our own behavior or performance. We cannot do enough to make it right, but Jesus did. Our righteousness is in Him alone, and He makes our paths clear and straight. Today, go in confidence in total preparation, knowing you are well-prepared to face whatever may come your way, because of the way made by your Savior.

Poise in Adversity

Life has enough challenges of its own, but with the added stressors of a law enforcement career, it can seem overwhelming to even the strongest of people. Think back to your rookie days when you were first learning the skills needed to be successful. Often, mistakes made during those times were followed by extra physical training and maybe loud yelling from the instructors, depending on the phase of training. Those moments were preparing you to think quickly and maintain poise in the face of adversity on the streets.

Regardless of the amount of training we receive, we will make mistakes during our career. Learning to respond to adversity is determined by our mental capacity to overcome the pressure and make sound decisions. If we cannot respond in a mature manner to the slightest adversity, then our margin of error will be low. Don’t focus on stumbling or mistakes today; rather, focus on being excellent through the process of each step you take. Everything you were taught was for a reason. Be intentional in all you do—in your thoughts, words, and deeds.

Power of Words

Ending a traffic stop where the driver was issued a citation has always been awkward for me. Instead of saying, “Have a nice day,” I always ended with, “Please travel safe.” There are times when those departing words could easily be a bit saltier, but we are professionals. Whether you are working with others actively on a case, a call, or on a traffic stop, they will remember for the rest of their lives the negative attitude and words you speak. They may not remember some of your positive nuances, but they will certainly recall the negative one.

This is why it is so important that we love our job and others with a pure heart and exemplify gracious speech, even in the face of hatred. Not only will we find resounding success on the streets, but we will develop relationships with people in the community and find favor in the eyes of our leaders. Today, if you are tempted to speak words that are less than gracious to another person, be it a coworker, citizen, or suspect, take a moment and think about how that affects your career, reputation, and future.

Anger Management

Even the animals in the wild know the power behind bridling anger. Take, for example, the lion. Soon enough, everyone will know it is present, and the power of who the lion is will be felt. It would make a fool of itself if it made a scene, scaring the prey off before apprehending it. Much in the same way, if we were to unleash our anger or rage in an undue fashion, what profit would there be? Surely there is a season for when righteous anger is justified, but unbridled anger is reckless and foolish.

For some, the approach like an unbridled wild animal is all they know. They scare off everyone in their path—family, friends, and anyone with whom they could develop a relationship. Today, whatever the root of your anger is, don’t allow yourself to become prey. Bridle those emotions, use them as fuel, flip the tables, and do not give the enemy any margin in your life to take authority over you. A bridled passion and a controlled anger properly managed and used can have a positive impact on the world.

Ego Kills

It is usually easy to tell when you are going to have a fight with a suspect. It is not always the one who is quick to talk or speak disrespectfully, but it may be the one with the long, hollow stare. There are times you have been met by someone who is loud and boisterous, cursing, making a big scene, and those are usually met with resistance as well. You have been trained to give verbal commands, but that is part of your training, not some random act based on emotion.

The difference between you arriving on scene giving verbal commands and taking control and the suspect’s irrational behavior is the thought given to his or her behavior. When we take time to focus on the situation, having confidence in our training and our faith in God, we will be prepared for any situation we may face. There are times, however, when the behavior is not due to the individual being “wicked” but to his or her mental condition, be it a mental disorder or caused by a substance. Either way, when we take time to think, we take time to focus. And when we focus, we gain clarity and power over the situation.

Carrying Empty Magazines-The Burden of Unforgiveness

We’ve all been hurt by someone, and we all have handled it in different ways. Some internalize the emotions until they are so buried inside that the pain is numb, while others express the pain they experienced at the hands of someone else to everyone else they encounter. This is often the result of unforgiveness, which I like to compare with carrying around empty magazines on our duty belt in a gunfight. They. Are. Useless.

Unforgiveness is hurting only you. It is holding no one back but you alone. In fact, even if you weren’t wrong and the other person was, when they don’t make the first step to forgive, then your expression of forgiveness is a major extension of peace and can do great things to maintain, heal, or restore relationships. Today, I am challenging you to get rid of the empty magazines you are carrying around with you. Until you have reloaded with the grace and mercy of God, His forgiveness, and forgiving others, you will always be stuck and burdened with those pains.



Trauma, Stress, and Marriage

One often overlooked element that separates the marriages of first responders and military couples is the trauma and stress of the job. Understanding the relation between traumatic exposure, emotion, relationship, and your marriage can set you both free in powerful ways. Knowing when to get help can not only save your marriage, but it may save the life of your spouse who serves.

Peace in Conflict  

Every marriage has its moments of conflict, but the marriages of heroes have unique challenges and conflict, including deployments and odd hours. Having a plan to address these issues is not only wise, but it is the key to success in conflict resolution.

Finding Your Rhythm of Intimacy

Life is seldom routine, and when you find your battle rhythm, you become more effective and efficient. When you find your rhythm of intimacy in marriage, you not only become closer spiritually and intellectually, but also physically. This is a warmth and closeness that, when practiced regularly, can lead to a richer, more fulfilling marriage.

The Power of Selfless Love

Society is often enamored with the lives of our law enforcement and military, but seldom do they understand the power that moves their sacrificial service. The selfless love demonstrated by American heroes in uniform is unparalleled in our culture. Translating that love from duty into your marriage will revolutionize your relationship.

“Splendid speaker! Moving and thought provoking!”

Auburn University Economic Summit


“Adam’s inspirational message was uplifting! We all need to be reminded, no matter what our age is, to keep trying and to follow our dreams.”

University of Alabama


“Police Wives of Ohio, Inc. is so very grateful for the partnership with Adam Davis in delivering on our mission of emotional support for LEO couples. His message on achieving a bulletproof marriage brought credibility and authenticity with tactical ideas that we can apply to our relationships. Despite the unique challenges of our blue life, it is encouraging to know that together we can and will thrive! Thank you, Adam!”

Police Wives of Ohio, Inc


“Adam Davis is a dynamic, powerful speaker for any audience. His excellent books give him great credibility and provide his audiences with a resource for a deeper understanding. I give him my highest recommendation for any audience.”

Army Ret & Author


“Adam’s expertise is both highly relatable, informative and truly practical. I booked Adam to speak at the Stronger in Broken Places Conference in 2019 and the attendees loved him. Adam speaks “grunt” and provides insight into stressors that face our modern warriors and how to effectively deal with them. With no hesitation, I highly recommend anything that involves Adam Davis.”

Training Director – Stronger Alliance


“He sucks you in with his passion, wisdom, and stories leaving you motivated and inspired to make a positive change in your life.”


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