Eagle Rise Keynote Speaker, Jason Redman

works the massive crowd at the Combat Wounded Coalition 400

presented at the Brickyard at Indianapolis Motorspeedway.

You hired an amazing Keynote Speaker for your corporate event. The speaker’s message was perfectly aligned with your organization’s mission and values. The event is an over-the-top success, people are raving about and sharing on social media!

Then you have a great afterthought;

“We should have invited our clients and prospects to hear that message and meet our Keynote Speaker!”

Here is your opportunity to turn that afterthought into a profitable idea!

Keynote Speaker: A Great Business Development Asset:

1. Relationship Building vs. Selling: 

When your business development team reaches out to invite their prospects to attend the event and meet the Keynote Speaker, they have transitioned from “selling” to “relationship building.”

Maybe the Speaker is also a bestselling author and has autographed a stack of books to present as gifts to each prospect, this unique gift is a reminder of your organization’s commitment to excellence. 

2. The Invite is as Important as Attendance:

It’s a challenge to align schedules so that everyone can attend events. This is not the point, however, inviting your prospects is!

Sending an invite to your prospects (and clients) to meet and hear your Keynote Speaker has great currency, it shows that you care about the relationship.

(PS. Provide clients and prospects who cannot attend the event a memento from the occasion such as an autographed book, or a live video chat opportunity before or after the event with the Keynote Speaker, or a customized highlight video link from the talk).

3. Stand Out from Your Competition:

When you invite your prospects (and clients) to meet your Keynote Speaker (and your organization) you now stand out from your competition.

4. Social Validation: 

Many Keynote Speakers have large networks of social media followers and will promote your company to their followers.

When your prospects see your company logo aligned to a successful speaker or your company is mention in the speaker’s video, these just a few of the more creative ways to keep your organization in the consideration set of your top prospects.

5. Prospect – Clients “Entertainment”: 

Most Keynote Speakers have interesting stories and life experiences and this is why you’re paying them! Most Speakers are more than happy to meet with your organization’s prospects and or clients at a private reception or dinner.

These are a few of the many reasons to consider using your next Keynote Speaker as one of your organization business development assets.

About the Author: Robert Vera is a Professional Eagle Rise Speaker, Best Selling Author and Transformation Expert

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