World Class Speakers That Go Above and Beyond Expectations to Inspire, Motivate and Create Real Change



Motivation is the ember that ignites the flame. The flame bursts into fire. The fire turns into a raging inferno. That raging inferno creates change. This is what a great motivational speaker can ignite. Change for you. Change for your company. Change for success.

Great motivational speakers are agents of change. Eagle Rise motivational speakers have been forged by the fires of adversity. They have taken their incredible life stories of failure, hardship, and tragedy and turned them into success. Our speakers are incredible at telling stories with a purpose. A purpose to motivate and get your organization and team more engaged. Research shows that motivated and engaged employees are more productive. And more productive employees lead to more profitable companies.

Eagle Rise focuses on motivating speakers who are heroes, and protectors. They are over-comers, fighters and leaders. We have speakers who were military warriors, law enforcement officers, and fire and emergency medicine first responders. We have business leaders and fitness leaders. We have individuals who have overcome horrific trauma.   From physical, mental and even sexual trauma, they have turned it into power to overcome and mentor others to be better. Whatever your company or team is looking for, Eagle Rise has a motivational speaker that can take you there.

In life, everyone encounters adversity and there is a natural tendency to get stuck.

In this highly competitive changing world, are you or your team stuck? A motivational speaker is the accelerant to move your company and team off the X and to the next level. Eagle Rise motivational speakers are here to affect that change. To give you and your employees that push to rise above and move forward to the next level. Our speakers will fire you up and launch you and your organization! Their incredible stories will inspire you to be a better family member, team member, and most importantly, a better you.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to ignite that fire; time to fuel that company flame. Our motivational speakers are like gasoline on a forest fire. We will be the propellant that creates the explosion of change you have been waiting for.


Veteran Undercover Agent and Bestselling Author of No Angel and Catching Hell


Social Media Influencer, Combat-Wounded Iraq War Veteran, Non-profit Executive


Former Navy SEAL, Host of The Selection, Fitness & Mindset Coach, and Motivational Speaker


SWAT Team and Tactical Instructor Mental Fitness Coach, Motivational Speaker and Corporate Culture Expert and Trainer


Leadership and High Performance Consultant, Co-Founder of the Better Human Project, Speaker, & Author of F*ck Your Feelings


Elite performance physician, expert in optimization and nutrition. Her work frequents with Navy SEAL’s, Wall Street and professional athletes.


Emotional Intelligence Thought Leader, Media Contributor, Celebrity Correspondent, and Motivational Speaker.


Transformation Evangelist and Best Selling Author of A Warrior’s Faith

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