Top Motivational Keynote Speakers

Motivation is the ember that ignites the flame. The flame bursts into fire. The fire turns into a raging inferno. That raging inferno creates change. This is what a great motivational keynote speaker can ignite. Change for you. Change for your company. Change for success.

Motivational speakers are agents of change. Eagle Rise corporate speakers have been forged by the fires of adversity. They have taken their incredible life stories of failure, hardship, and tragedy and turned them into success. Our speakers are incredible at delivering stories with a purpose. A purpose to motivate and get your organization and team more engaged. Research shows that motivated and engaged employees are more productive. And more productive employees lead to more profitable companies.

Eagle Rise focuses on motivational speakers who are heroes and protectors. They are overcomers, fighters and leaders. We have speakers who were military warriors, law enforcement officers, and fire and emergency medicine first responders. We have business leaders and fitness leaders. We have individuals who have overcome horrific physical, mental and even sexual trauma that they have turned it into the power to overcome and mentor others to be better. Whatever your company or team is looking for, Eagle Rise has a motivational speaker who can take you there.

In life, everyone encounters adversity and we have a natural tendency to get stuck. In this highly competitive changing world, are you or your team stuck? A top motivational speaker is the accelerant to move your company and team Off the X and to the next level.

Eagle Rise motivational leaders are here to affect that change. To give you and your employees that push to rise above and move forward to the next level. Our professional speakers will fire you up and launch you and your organization. Their incredible stories will inspire you to be a better family member, team member, and most importantly, a better you.

Eagle Rise provides motivational speakers with topics relevant to every audience with spiritual motivational speakers, female motivational speakers, business and corporate motivational speakers, and educational and youth speakers.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to ignite that fire; time to fuel that company flame. We will be the propellant that creates the explosion of change you have been waiting for.

FBI trained Hostage Negotiator, Life & Relationship Coach, Faith-based Healing Expert
Police Captain, SWAT Commander, and Best Selling Author of Tactical Reload
Sifu Alan Baker, a renowned martial arts and self-defense expert, is a high-performance instructor, coach, author, and captivating speaker inspiring individuals to reach their full potential.
Social Media Influencer, Combat-Wounded Iraq War Veteran, Non-profit Executive
Professional executive coach, former police officer, defense instructor, criminal justice professor, and podcast host.
Entrepreneur, Peak Performance Coach, Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author
People Problem Solver, Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Best Selling Author
Former Major of the Oklahoma City Fire Department and Oklahoma City Bombing Responder
Teaching teams and invididuals how to face life’s storms: Head down, Horns up.
Navy Veteran; National Recording Artist; God-fearing, Freedom-loving, Flag-waving Patriot
Retired LAPD Commander, US Marine, USAF OSI Special Agent, Chief of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers Leadership Institute
US Army Black Hawk Pilot, Television Host, Author
From Prison to Prosperity
Elite performance physician, expert in optimization and nutrition. Her work frequents with Navy SEAL’s, Wall Street and professional athletes.
Emotional Intelligence Thought Leader, Media Contributor, Celebrity Correspondent, and Motivational Speaker.
Combat Decorated US Navy Fighter Pilot, Founder & CEO, Flight Level Solutions, Inc.
U.S. Air Force Officer, Special Operations Pilot, U.S.A.F. Academy Instructor, Motivational Speaker
Navy SEAL (ret.) and Author of the books: Overcome, and The Trident, the Forging and Reforging of a Navy SEAL Leader
“Don’t let today’s pain blind you to the promise of tomorrow.” Retired Phoenix Police Detective with line of duty burn injuries and subject of the book, Burning Shield
Undercover ATF Agent and Bestselling Author of “No Angel” and “Catching Hell”
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