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The best public speakers in the world can quicken your pulse. They can increase your excitement and inspire you to take on the world. Eagle Rise Speakers is founded on finding this caliber of quality, inspirational keynote speakers. Speakers who stimulate positive change. Our dynamic group of professional speakers will motivate you, your team, and your organization. Their messages can take corporations, organizations, teams, and individuals from good to great. And then from great to exceptional and from exceptional to elite.

Eagle Rise believes that inspirational fire lives within us. It is like an ember smoldering in the heart. It takes the right person to turn that ember into a flame and that flame into an all-consuming inferno! These are the people we seek out to take your audience or business to the next level. To push us one step faster, farther, stronger, closer to the finish line. Hard work, talent, and a well laid out plan move us in the right direction. But it is inspiration that carries us through, that enables us to rise above others and find even greater success.

Eagle Rise Inspirational Keynote Speakers have endured some of the most difficult and horrific situations imaginable. They’ve had death threats against themselves and their families. They’ve been shot, burned, blown up, assaulted, and betrayed. But above all, they have one inspirational thing in common. They have persevered. They have taken giant adversity and turned it into something positive and productive. They did not allow adversity and hardship to define them. They chose to be victors, not victims. They set their own paths and you can too. They have become stronger through their adversity and used their situations to make a positive difference in the world around them. We will inspire you and your company to do the same.

Success and elite performance are on the horizon. Allow our inspirational business speakers inspire you to get there—to be a better version of yourself and a better version of your company. Allow us to help you forge a new perspective on life. Eagle Rise inspiration awaits. Are you ready?


Former Special Agent and Bestselling Author of The Warrior and The Monk


Second degree black belt, police wife, college professor, entrepreneur, podcast host, life coach and police officer.


U.S. Air Force Officer, Special Operations Pilot, U.S.A.F. Academy Instructor, Motivational Speaker


FBI trained Hostage Negotiator, Life & Relationship Coach, Faith-based Healing Expert


Combat Decorated US Navy Fighter Pilot
Founder & CEO, Flight Level Solutions, Inc.


West Point Graduate and US Army Major, Bestselling Author of The Beauty of a Darker Soul


Entrepreneur, Peak Performance Coach, Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author


Social Media Influencer, Combat-Wounded Iraq War Veteran, Non-profit Executive

Jason Schechterle


Retired Phoenix Police Detective with line of duty burn injuries and subject of the book, Burning Shield


Former FDNY 9/11 Survivor, and Founder of The Families, Inc.


USMC Combat Disabled Veteran, Non Profit CEO and Host of The Post Traumatic Survival Podcast

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