First Responder & Military Keynote Speakers - Ex Navy Seal, Veteran, and Former Military

The United States of America is founded on three key principles; Freedom, Opportunity, and Sacrifice. Upon these pillars, men and women volunteered to fight to make America what it is today. A nation for those seeking to better themselves. These selfless citizen volunteers decided to better themselves becoming America’s foundation of Service. They became our local law enforcement, first responders and military members. Their daily exploits have become the basis for books, TV shows, and movies.

Eagle Rise Speakers Bureau was started by a military veteran who knew the power of our military and first responder stories. He knew the leadership lessons forged on the hard streets of American cities. He experienced firsthand the courage and leadership forged on the battlefields in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is this reason that Eagle Rise is built around so many militaries and first responder speakers. Companies today are looking at how do they build better leaders. They are looking at how they build better teams and culture. Today businesses are looking for ways to instill service. They are looking for a company culture that understands sacrifice. Everyone is looking to instill higher levels of resiliency.

Companies are striving to manage the crisis in a constantly evolving world. Eagle Rise knows that no one understands service like those who have served. Our Military and First Responders understand sacrifice and crisis management better than anyone. From Navy SEALs to US Army Infantry soldiers. From Senior leaders to junior battlefield experience. Eagle Rise knows that the lessons learned in service translate to the civilian world. More importantly, we know these are human stories that make everyone around us better. These are riveting stories of heroism, service, sacrifice and crisis management. They are stories lived through some of the most intense situations imaginable. Experienced across America and on battlefields around the world.

If your company is looking to take your workforce to the next level; look no further. We will inspire leadership, teamwork, service, and resiliency. Eagle Rise speakers have lived a life of service. They have led at the highest levels in the most chaotic situations. Now, allow us to take you there.

Elite and Peak Performance Keynote Speakers

Key to attaining an organization’s true elite and peak performance is building the right teams with the right team members. Once a foundation is in place, there needs to be an understanding of how to lead and be an effective member of an elite performing team.

Military and law enforcement spend their careers learning the levels of leadership and communication it takes to be a more effective multi-dimensional leader. Through training and managing crisis situations they achieve an elite Overcome Mindset and gain a new perspective on how they view the world around them.

Master that Overcome Mindset breed elite and peak performers who enact change and overcome adversity. They recognize when they are stuck in an unexpected crisis situation and how to quickly asses, identify a solution and move and execute through it.

Let our seasoned elite and peak performers help you and your team achieve ultimate success.

Adversity and Overcome Mindset Speakers

Almost any adversity can be overcome if leaders and teams have the tools to navigate through it. Our speakers have navigated some of the most harrowing situations imaginable and they teach the proven techniques, learned from years of experience, to prepare teams for crisis and successfully move through it.

Our speakers have honed these skills as a result of developing an overcome mindset through, at times, disastrous crisis situations. Suicide and roadside bombings, 9/11, Oklahoma City, Iraq and Afghanistan and catastrophic, life-altering injury. Each has come out the other side with the knowledge of how to transform a reactive crisis culture into a proactive crisis culture using change and adversity as a catalyst for growth.

And you can too, just let us show you how.

Leadership and Teamwork Motivational Speakers

What does it take to be a truly successful leader? A clear understanding of the foundation of leading ourselves first. Our speakers are experts in all aspects of leadership. Effective leaders increase productivity in themselves and their teams.

How do I build the right team with the right team members? How can I overcome and recover from failure? How do I give up power so my team can grow stronger? How do I stay on course when at times I want to quit? What are the effects of my credibility on my leadership?

These are all challenges on the path to leadership. Speakers teach the answers to all these questions and more. Like identifying the long-term impacts of change and setting a course to reinforce that change. Or, getting all team members moving in the right direction at the right time. And, taking back control of your time so that you are accomplishing goals and tasks.

Whatever your goals, objectives and obstacles for your leadership, there is an Eagle Rise Speaker with the answer.

FBI trained Hostage Negotiator, Life & Relationship Coach, Faith-based Healing Expert
Police Captain, SWAT Commander, and Best Selling Author of Tactical Reload
Sifu Alan Baker, a renowned martial arts and self-defense expert, is a high-performance instructor, coach, author, and captivating speaker inspiring individuals to reach their full potential.
Social Media Influencer, Combat-Wounded Iraq War Veteran, Non-profit Executive
Professional executive coach, former police officer, defense instructor, criminal justice professor, and podcast host.
Resilience Keynotes To Help You Grow Your People & Organization
Former Major of the Oklahoma City Fire Department and Oklahoma City Bombing Responder
Teaching teams and invididuals how to face life’s storms: Head down, Horns up.
Navy Veteran; National Recording Artist; God-fearing, Freedom-loving, Flag-waving Patriot
Retired LAPD Commander, US Marine, USAF OSI Special Agent, Chief of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers Leadership Institute
US Army Black Hawk Pilot, Television Host, Author
Former Special Agent and Bestselling Author of The Warrior and The Monk
Combat Decorated US Navy Fighter Pilot, Founder & CEO, Flight Level Solutions, Inc.
U.S. Air Force Officer, Special Operations Pilot, U.S.A.F. Academy Instructor, Motivational Speaker
Navy SEAL (ret.) and Author of the books: Overcome, and The Trident, the Forging and Reforging of a Navy SEAL Leader
“Don’t let today’s pain blind you to the promise of tomorrow.” Retired Phoenix Police Detective with line of duty burn injuries and subject of the book, Burning Shield
Undercover ATF Agent and Bestselling Author of “No Angel” and “Catching Hell”
Purpose and Prosperity Expert, certified compassion coach, and founder of Service and Soul Group. Former military spouse and current first responder wife, empowering others in finding purpose and embracing their skills and passions while supporting their spouse.
20-year Lieutenant of the Fire Service, founder of Operation Yellow Tape, inspiring speaker and coach. His powerful message on resilience and community leaves audiences ready to make a difference.
California Highway Patrol Sergeant Ret. Author of Guardian of the Golden Gate: Protecting the Line Between Hope and Despair
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