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Are you or your team stuck in a rut? Have you been hit by a life ambush and are stuck on the X? What you need is a motivational speaker to drive you forward! Eagle Rise’s motivational speakers will fire you up and launch you and your organization to the next level! Their incredible stories will inspire you to be a better family member, team member, leader, and most importantly, a better you. Our highly effective, sought-after professional speakers will deliver powerful motivational keynotes for your event, retreat or conference. Fuel your people, fuel your mission.

Military & First Responder Speakers

No one understands service, sacrifice and crisis-management better than our military and first responders. Eagle Rise Speakers Network is proud to have a variety of incredible military and first-responder motivational speakers, all who share riveting stories of heroism, service, sacrifice and crisis management through some of the most intense situations imaginable. Our members have taken their leadership skills from law-enforcement, emergency medicine and the military and converted them to amazing insights and life principals that apply everywhere.

Health & Wellness Speakers

The first foundation for any individual is health and wellness. Science has proven we function better, handle stress better and, most Importantly, lead better when we are at higher states of physical health. Because of this fundamental principle, Eagle Rise features a wide variety of health and wellness speakers who focus on nutrition, fitness, mental-emotional wellness, brain health and more. Looking for speakers to take you and your company to the next level? Start with overall health, and the productivity, growth and success will follow.


Looking to inspire your team or organization? Our inspirational speakers will stir the soul and ignite a passion for excellence within you, your team and your organization. Many of our inspirational speakers have endured some of the most grueling and horrific situations imaginable, yet despite those devastating life ambushes, they invoked the Overcome mindset to persevere and ultimately succeed. Their stories and lessons will leave you speechless. Key takeaways will inspire you to create a better company or team and to be a better version of yourself.


Eagle Rise Speakers Network Provides World-Class Speakers

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FBI trained Hostage Negotiator, Life & Relationship Coach, Faith-based Healing Expert
Police Captain, SWAT Commander, and Best Selling Author of Tactical Reload
Sifu Alan Baker, a renowned martial arts and self-defense expert, is a high-performance instructor, coach, author, and captivating speaker inspiring individuals to reach their full potential.
Social Media Influencer, Combat-Wounded Iraq War Veteran, Non-profit Executive
Professional executive coach, former police officer, defense instructor, criminal justice professor, and podcast host.
Entrepreneur, Peak Performance Coach, Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author
People Problem Solver, Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Best Selling Author
Former U.S. Army Combat Engineer, Executive Protection Agent, and bestselling author of ROGER UP
Resilience Keynotes To Help You Grow Your People & Organization
Former Major of the Oklahoma City Fire Department and Oklahoma City Bombing Responder
“The Relationship Doctor.” Communications and relationship expert; talk-radio host; author of “The Super Couple: A Formula for Extreme Happiness in Marriage.”
Teaching teams and invididuals how to face life’s storms: Head down, Horns up.
Navy Veteran; National Recording Artist; God-fearing, Freedom-loving, Flag-waving Patriot
Retired LAPD Commander, US Marine, USAF OSI Special Agent, Chief of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers Leadership Institute
US Army Black Hawk Pilot, Television Host, Author
From Prison to Prosperity
Elite performance physician, expert in optimization and nutrition. Her work frequents with Navy SEAL’s, Wall Street and professional athletes.
Former Special Agent and Bestselling Author of The Warrior and The Monk
Emotional Intelligence Thought Leader, Media Contributor, Celebrity Correspondent, and Motivational Speaker.
Combat Decorated US Navy Fighter Pilot, Founder & CEO, Flight Level Solutions, Inc.
U.S. Air Force Officer, Special Operations Pilot, U.S.A.F. Academy Instructor, Motivational Speaker
Navy SEAL (ret.) and Author of the books: Overcome, and The Trident, the Forging and Reforging of a Navy SEAL Leader
“Don’t let today’s pain blind you to the promise of tomorrow.” Retired Phoenix Police Detective with line of duty burn injuries and subject of the book, Burning Shield
Undercover ATF Agent and Bestselling Author of “No Angel” and “Catching Hell”
Purpose and Prosperity Expert, certified compassion coach, and founder of Service and Soul Group. Former military spouse and current first responder wife, empowering others in finding purpose and embracing their skills and passions while supporting their spouse.
Former Navy SEAL, Speaker, Corporate Trainer and Team Builder
20-year Lieutenant of the Fire Service, founder of Operation Yellow Tape, inspiring speaker and coach. His powerful message on resilience and community leaves audiences ready to make a difference.
California Highway Patrol Sergeant Ret. Author of Guardian of the Golden Gate: Protecting the Line Between Hope and Despair
Green Beret, Entrepreneur & Visionary, Bestselling Author
ATF Agent, Undercover Subject Matter Expert, Author of Storefront Sting: An ATF Agent’s Life Undercover
US Army Ranger, New York Times Best-selling Author, Professor, Trainer
Former U.S. Coast Guard Captain, Motivational Speaker, Leadership Coach, Crisis Management, Award- Winning Author and Journalist
Retired Naval Intelligence Officer, Hall of Fame Speaker, Author of Who Comes Next? Leadership Succession Made Easy
Matt Eversmann, depicted in the film Black Hawk Down, is a former U.S. Army Ranger and inspiring speaker. His remarkable story of leadership and resilience continues to inspire audiences worldwide.
USMC Combat Disabled Veteran, Non-Profit CEO, and Host of The Post Traumatic Survival Podcast
Former Navy SEAL, Host of The Selection, Fitness & Mindset Coach, and Motivational Speaker
As an eight-year Navy SEAL, Robert developed many hidden injuries including Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Insomnia. After the suicide of one of his teammates, Robert dedicated his life to the study of sleep science.
Leadership and High Performance Consultant, Co-Founder of the Better Human Project, Speaker, & Author of F*ck Your Feelings
Corporal for the Chino Police Department, Founder of Breaking Barriers, LLC, Mentor, Community Change Agent
USMC Combat Veteran, and Purple Heart Recipient
Former FDNY 9/11 Survivor, and Founder of The Families, Inc.
Retired Navy SEAL Sniper Instructor, Founder of Naked Warrior Recovery, High-performance Leadership Coach


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