Last month at the airport on my way home from Miami, I was waiting in line to check my bags.  The line was long and there was only one attendant handling all the customers.  Suddenly a very frustrated woman walked up to the desk and asked for help.  She explained that another airline employee directed her to go up front for help with her bags.  The attendant, being frustrated herself showed lack of empathy and told her that her bags were not checked properly and that she needed to go to the self-check-in machine to print the proper tag from it.  The customer after being bounced around from station to station insisted that the attendant help her.  Before the situation intensified, a young man in his 20’s offered to help the lady and walked her through step by step on how to print and place the luggage tag on her suitcase.  Immediately, the woman’s mood softened, and I was happy to witness that random acts of kindness still exist.

To give without expectations comes from the heart.  Giving does not have to be monetary.  It can be done with a random smile, a thoughtful gesture, or a listening ear.  February 17th marks the official “Random Acts of Kindness Day.”  Officially starting in New Zealand, this day has spread worldwide growing in popularity.

Being kind does not only feel good for the recipient, but rather the giver as well.  When we act in a positive way, the body produces endorphins, the body’s natural pain killer.  It makes us feel warm inside, calms us down, and gives us an overall feeling of happiness.

There are many ways that we can give random acts of kindness and when we do, we are setting good examples for our children as well.  Here is a list of a few ideas that you can do and share with others:

  • Donate time to a local charity
  • Offer to babysit for free
  • Send an email of gratitude for someone that has helped you
  • Bring an unexpected treat to a friend or neighbor
  • Leave a positive note on someone’s car
  • Call someone to say hello and ask them about their day
  • Make and distribute homeless packets

The ideas are endless.  May we look at this day as a reminder as to how simple it can be to create a positive ripple effect in the world.  Remember, you have the power to make someone’s day a little brighter!

By: Inez Barberio

Emotional Intelligence Thought Leader, Media Contributor, Celebrity Correspondent, and Motivational Speaker.

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