National American Eagle Day takes place every year on June 20th. This day is to raise awareness for the freedom we have in this country as well as the importance of protecting the Bald Eagle. The bald eagle, which represents great strength, fierce beauty, and long lasting life, is a symbol of our liberty and an emblem for the United States. On June 20th, 1782, our founding fathers decided to make the bald eagle the national symbol. Not only is it the national bird and animal of the United States, but it is also a part of the seal of our country. This seal, called the Great Seal, symbolizes our liberty, freedom, and independence.

Although this bird is of such importance to our country, it went nearly extinct in the 1900s. It was no longer on the endangered species list as of July 12, 1995. But, it became a part of the threatened species list. Since then, the population of the Bald Eagle has grown. The eagle is no longer on the list of threatened species in the lower 48 states and you can find them in most of Canada, Alaska, the United States, and Northern Mexico.

Since the Eagle is a symbol of empowerment, our country, and our freedoms, we chose it to be the logo for The Eagle Rise Speakers Bureau. The Eagle Rise Speakers Bureau consists of an elite team of patriotic speakers that focus on inspiring audiences and transforming lives. The eagle is a perfect representation of our speakers and the messages they deliver. Many of our speakers are veterans, law enforcement, and firefighters that share their riveting stories of heroism, service, and sacrifice. They take their stories and make them relatable to the audience and how they can apply the situations to their own lives. Their love of this country is resolute and their service to it is a vital component of their speeches. The Eagle Rise Speakers Bureau’s ability to inspire leadership, teamwork, elite performance and resiliency makes the eagle an ideal logo for this company.

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