Navy SEAL (retired), Leadership and Resiliency Expert


Navy SEAL (retired), Leadership and Resiliency Expert

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Douglas “Mike” Day was born in New Jersey and moved to Virginia Beach in grade school. He was rejected from entering the Marine Corps because of his GED and instead enlisted in the Navy at age seventeen.

Senior Chief Petty Officer “Mike” Day served twenty-one years as a United States Navy SEAL. Mike is a skilled leader with a unique ability to bring out the best in others. As a Platoon Leader he was responsible for the professional development of his SEAL team. Mike used his training and skills on deployments to Kosovo, the Philippines, and multiple deployments to the Middle East.

On what would be his final combat mission as a Navy SEAL, Mike was shot twenty-seven times at close range and absorbed a grenade blast. Despite being severely wounded Mike managed to neutralize four enemy combatants, secure two prisoners, rescue six woman and children and evacuate himself to an awaiting helicopter.

Mike’s greatest work came after his retirement when he led, inspired, and cared for over 300 of his fellow warriors as a Special Operation Command Wounded Warrior Advocate. Mike continues to lead and train other Military Special Operations personnel and law enforcement professionals as a tactical training instructor. Mike speaks at corporations and schools on the power of the human connection and developing resiliency skills. He is a frequent guest speaker on behalf of the Navy SEAL Foundation and several other non-profit organizations.

Mike is an expert at intelligence gathering and tactical operations including; open and closed water SCUBA, free fall and static line parachute, helicopter rope suspension techniques, breaching, small arms, and explosives. Mike is a free-fall and static line Jump-master and his career includes three years as a member of the Navy’s Elite Leap Frog Skydiving team.

Mike military awards include the Navy Cross, two Bronze Stars, one with Valor, a Purple Heart and number of other accommodations.


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Hollywood Actor Chris Pratt Honors Navy SEAL Mike Day

Chris Pratt is one of Hollywood’s most in-demand actors, but he took time out of his busy schedule on Friday, the 14th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, to honor the country’s real heroes. In an emotional Facebook video, Chris spoke about Mike Day, a former Navy SEAL whom he recently got to spend time with. Chris wrote alongside the minute-long video, “Mike is a former Navy SEAL who, while on a raid in Iraq, was shot 27 times. “Astoundingly he survived. He had to learn to walk again, he wore a colostomy bag and suffered a traumatic brain injury. Like so many others, although Mike is back from the war, he continues his own fight every day here at home.” In the video, the actor encourages his fans to start a social media campaign to thank everyone who fought for our country.

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