Keynote and Military Speaker, Brian Fleming, brings his past experiences as a combat-wounded Afghanistan Veteran to inspire and motivate audiences. Brian Fleming knows what it takes to quickly adapt to rapidly changing situations in one of the most high pressure, extreme environments imaginable: WAR! He will show your organization how to stand firm in life and business when everything around you is blowing up.

Fleming has taken challenges from the military and translated them into the business world: industries shift, leaders burn out, customer behaviors change, markets get disrupted and if you can’t adapt quickly your entire organization is in danger. His down-to-earth communication style, combined with his knowledge and real-life experience in succeeding through high-stress situations, allows him to relate to members of an audience of any size and has made him a highly sought after speaker and consultant.

Brian Fleming Topics:

    • Overcoming Adversity: Customizing Your Adversity Toolkit
    • “How to Stand Firm When Everything Around You Is Blowing Up!” (Brian’s most popular keynote): In this talk, Brian shares not only his tragic, yet inspiring war story about being attacked by a suicide bomber, but also reveals the 3 common habits of the world’s most resilient people and how you and your audience can immediately apply them in life & business to overcome personal challenges, successfully adapt to unexpected change, and thrive under pressure.
    • “The Resilient Leader – How to Become the Leader Others Want to Follow” Brian will teach your audience combat-proven “Resilience Strategies” based on centuries of warfare that all leaders, in any business, can immediately and practically apply to their organization in order to gain more respect and loyalty from those under them, while inspiring their subordinates to be more committed and productive every day.
    • “Develop More Resilient, Winning Teams” Discover real military war strategies that will help your team accomplish its mission. Life and death scenarios are the ultimate test of a team’s ability to endure challenges and win, which is why military units have developed the best teamwork strategies and frameworks in the world- and now they’re available to you! In this talk, you’ll discover how to apply these same military strategies to your organization so you can win in the marketplace. Don’t reinvent the wheel. If you want your entire team to be on the same page, minimize internal conflict, and be more productive, simply use these time-tested war strategies that are already proven to work.

Why Hire Brian Fleming?

Brian Fleming is the author of “The Resilience Booklet.” In this book, he takes war tragedy and trauma and applies it to everyday life and how to overcome the obstacles of life. He will teach the importance of team building and give you the tools to become a better team. He will also teach and give a new perspective on your personal life and work-life. Brian makes you look at the big picture and see that since there isn’t anyone shooting at you, the minor conveniences aren’t that bad.

“Brian Fleming was by far one of the most authentic and impactful speakers I have heard in a long time. His message on being resilient in times of difficulty and pain resonated powerfully with everyone. We sincerely appreciated his willingness to customize his speaking points to ensure his message resonated best with our audience and company culture. Brian is very personable and a joy to work with.” – Ann Peterson, SVP of Global HR, Bank of America

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