A keynote speaker for your next big conference. A motivational speaker for your organization’s annual meeting or corporate event. A workshop and training leader for continuing education and company teambuilding. Having the right speaker with an on-point and powerful message will help you reach your organizational goals, encourage your employees and members to reach their personal and professional potential, and make your event successful, memorable and inspirational.

Here are three characteristics to look for when choosing the best motivational speaker for your next event.

  1. They Own Stories with a Purpose
    At Eagle Rise Speakers Network, we’ve built our cadre of speakers around this very concept. For us, Stories with a Purpose focus by-and-large on the service of military, law enforcement and first responders. Many of our motivational speakers have had full careers of service and continue to make an impact through speaking, coaching, training, and community and charity involvement. They have experienced horrific injuries, unbelievable trauma and major adversities in their life journeys.

    Whatever the story, the best inspirational speakers find the purpose, tell it with conviction and show a path forward to overcome and conquer goals. Great speakers get great results because they take lessons learned through adversity and make them relatable for diverse audiences.

    “That was the best keynote at this conference. Ryan Munsey provided hope and help on every slide and people were engaged throughout. More people need to speak like you do.”
    – Chris Dancy, The World’s Most Connected Man

  2. They Are Change Agents
    The key to a successful speaker experience goes beyond simply the telling of an impactful story. The ultimate goal of the best motivational speakers is to ask the questions that make people reflect on their own lives and create positive change on a professional, personal and emotional level. Speakers who leave lasting effects on organizations provide the real-world resources for growth and actionable change.

    Once individuals gain the inspiration and tools necessary to crush adversity and develop an overcome mindset, they become better and more effective employees, community members, ambassadors and people.

    “In twenty minutes, Jason Redman blended an amazing number of emotions with antidotes that left us laughing, left us with great pride, left us with sadness and finally left us with tears as he concluded his speech. I have listened to many great leadership and motivational speakers and Jason is simply awesome. He has a natural leadership ability and a stage presence that commands instant respect, along with a humble self-deprecating sense of humor. He has a naturally great communication ability and an incredible personal journey to share. I find that great speeches force people to think and Jay did that extremely well. We actually had clients say his speech changed their lives.”
    – George Ahn, President & CEO, Tririga Incorporated

  3. They Go Above and Beyond
    Here at Eagle Rise Speakers Network, we have some of the best and most sought-after professional speakers in the industry – and that’s because they all ascribe to the “Above and Beyond” philosophy.

    Speakers who garner truly exceptional results take the one-on-one time and due diligence to understand your organization’s mission, challenges and goals. Top-notch speakers go the extra mile to gain insight into your industry and organization and use that knowledge to provide customized solutions to suit unique needs.

    “I would highly recommend Jason Schechterle as a motivational speaker for your company or organization. He does an excellent job tailoring his message to your audience via personal accounts and multi-media imagery. As a former police officer and burn survivor, his story will both inspire and captivate attendees.”
    – Christopher Graham, Executive Director of Business Development, Community Tissue Services

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