Navy SEAL Qualities That Make Them a Terrific Speaker for Your Next Event

There’s probably no tougher military training than the U.S. Navy SEALs. Even if you do not jump out of planes or into battle, or burst through enemy doors, there’s a lot you can learn from these elite warriors. Here’s the Navy SEAL guide to extraordinary success and accomplishment. Work with a Navy SEAL for your next event to learn their lessons, follow their lead and you’ll discover you’re more likely to succeed. Keep reading to learn about Navy SEAL qualities that will make them a perfect fit to speak at your next event.


Extreme Ownership means that no matter what, all responsibility for success OR failure of the group belongs to the leader. Even when the outcome isn’t completely the leader’s responsibility, it was their communication and guidance, or lack of it, that led to that result.

That doesn’t mean that leaders need to micromanage everything. It’s why the concept of decentralized command translates so well to the business world. A decentralized command is when the leaders trust that their junior officers can handle certain tasks without watching them constantly.


Being humble does not make someone a doormat or one that lets others take credit for what they do. Being humble means a person has the strength of character to realize they don’t know the answer to everything and are not afraid to change course if the present one isn’t working. They accept responsibility for their decisions, as well as the decisions of those around them. They will share the praise of a job well done, but will also answer for any negative outcomes. This is the basis for an excellent leader.

Professional humility makes open communication possible. And a true leader knows that good ideas and wisdom are not restricted to a person’s rank. A person that leads with humility is not boastful of his/her achievements. They show decisiveness as well as honesty, and inspire with their actions and not publicity.


It is easy to give up in SEAL training. All you have to do is ring the bell three times and you’re out. You do not need to speak with anyone. You don’t need to do anything. You ring the bell, take off your helmet, put it down and that is it. There are always going to be tough times and there is always going to be a way out, quitting. Quitting is you simply deciding to not deal with the issue and is only letting the issue win.

The majority of trainees ring the bell and the ones that don’t become Navy SEALs that face even greater challenges.

For an entrepreneur, ringing the bell means no more all-nighters preparing that proposal. No more all day trips to a distant country squeezed in a middle seat of coach. Say goodbye to the back and forth with your investors about why you aren’t sticking to your plan. Simply ring the bell, and all that stops. But, if you give in to the lure of ringing the bell, you are giving up on the chance that you can be an entrepreneur that changes the world!


Every single entrepreneur has a moment or two where the world seems dark and bleak where nothing seems to be going right. These crucial moments are when you must discover how strong you are and when you find your inner calm. Remember your goals and why you are doing all this. Rely on your abilities, experience, and the conviction to push through and be successful.

Anyone who has ever “maxed out” with their weight-training program could also associate with this idea. They must recognize the boundaries of their capabilities to find their snapping point. The technique to this is to push yourself to take on bigger problems than you can manage. What is the distinction between “training to failure” and maxing out at the gym? When training to failure, you never quit or drop the weights. But, instead, you push yourself to the point of failure and then persevere past that and come out on top. Physically tired, with low ammunition, in a compromised setting; it doesn’t matter, you keep fighting till you win.


Way before all the TV shows about sharks, Navy SEALs developed a fear of sharks. There is a part of their training when they have to swim in the waters off of San Clemente that is a shark breeding ground.

But they are also taught that if a shark starts circling them to stand their ground. Do not swim away. Do not act worried. And if the shark is hungry for a snack and darts towards them, they gather all their strength and punch him in the snout to make it turn and “run for the hills.”

This is the story of life. Thieves and bullies are all around. Usually, the only way to defeat them is to take them head-on.


Whether it is in business or military operations, there are times when a person can feel overcome by demands, obstacles, and uncertainties. The most crucial thing that they can do is stay calm, focused, and look at all the options available. Everything cannot be taken care of right now. But, there is another option so you are not stuck in uncertainty and surrounded by obstacles. You need to be able to take a step back and figure out what your biggest priority is, and then make a plan to follow through with the solution until the issue is resolved. Then, you can move on to the next obstacle.

This strategy should not stop you from being able to assess the present situation as a whole. But, when you are in a high-stress situation, it can be extremely helpful to see each obstacle separately so you can work on each by how important they are to you.


Taking on obstacles head first is dangerous. But, it is sometimes necessary to do this so you can reach that market first or win that big deal that you have been working so hard to get. Entrepreneurs need to be willing to take risks, at the right time, with a focus on the costs of failure versus the rewards from success. Don’t be afraid to take that thought out risk when the possible reward is right there.

If you put time and effort into your search, there is always someone out there that will share their words of wisdom with you giving you a better chance at success. The right person can reduce the many hours of stress and wrong turns on your road to success. Are all the qualities in this article ones that you would like to see in your business? Navy SEALs have all these great qualities making them an excellent choice for your next speaking event so hire them today!

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